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Concept Development: Every great video starts with an idea. Without an idea, well there isn’t much to do. We’ll work with you to come up with a fresh, new idea to make your video project truly unique to you and your company.

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding: Once we’ve got an idea and a gameplan, Walter Marvin Production will turn the concept into a written script with storyboards.  Consider this a blueprint to what we’ll actually be filming.

Capture: It’s not video until it’s shot.  We strive to get compelling and beatiful video on every shoot.  All of work going forward will be in stunning HD in order to get the clearest output possible.

Video Editing: Editing can be a lot like solving a puzzle.  Sure, you’ve got a script, but with the right editing a great script can become a work of art.  In fact, if you’ve got footage you or someone else shot and you don’t want to mess with it, we’ll edit it for you.

Voiceover Production: Sometimes all a set of shots needs is a nice voiceover narration to bring everything together.  You get clean and crisp recordings whether you’re in front of the mic or someone from our staff is.  The right voice can change everything.

Compression For Web: We specialize in getting your video ready for the web, whether it’s through YouTube or your hosting the video yourself.  We’ll get your video souped up and ready to go so it looks great and won’t drag on your clients computers.

Feel free to ask any questions about our work and any projects you have coming up. Heck, feel free to ask me about anything. I’m very good at handling relationship problems as well.

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